Maximize Your Life

This will be sweet and to the point. The last few weeks, I’ve been living life as though I was going through a routine — the same mundane motions that I mirrored day-after-day. I was living my life half-asleep, in the sense that I wasn’t awake to realize that life is about so much more than chasing a dollar and saving every penny for retirement that may never come or being too focused on my job that I lose sight on the beauty of life and all the moments that make it worth living — i.e., spending time with your family and friends, being a good friend and spending time with my girlfriend, donating my time, not just money, to charities and my church. Even taking a bike ride around my neighborhood is gratifying. I’m so worried with what tomorrow brings that I get distracted from what I have today, right now, in front of me.

It’s a scary realization that awoke me up from my slumber of mundane motions and idle living. But it’s one that I hope everyone makes, because by the time you realize it, you wish you would’ve done all these things many years ago. But by then it’s already too late and all those moments have passed and now opportunity seems few and far between.

So I propose a challenge: I challenge everyone to do something that they usually don’t do this every day this week, and, most importantly, to make a simple call to the people that matter most to you and let them know just that. You’ll quickly find it gratifying and you’ll be happy you did. I promise. And keep it up, because relationships are as much work as your job is. So don’t focus too much on one job and not on the other. Find a balance and don’t let your life now consume and smother the life you once enjoyed.


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