8 Life Tips to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

  1. Pain is part of growing

  2.   Everything in life is temporary

  3. Worrying and complaining changes nothing

  4. Your scars are symbols of your strength

  5. Every little struggle is a step forward

  6. Other people’s negativity is not your problem

  7. What’s meant to be will eventually, BE

  8.   The best thing you can do is to keep going



I’ve been lackadaisical since Sunday night, after I indulged in three hours of Netflix — and who said having no friends isn’t fun? At work this week, I’ve been dragging my feet and I drank enough coffee that my name can legally be “Starbucks.”

So, to whom did I turn to when coffee stopped being excitingly stimulating? The internet, of course, for some of my favorite motivational and life inspiring quotes to help me get through the day.

It makes me feel confident and optimistic about the future, and I think we should always feel that way about our futures. The future is a blank canvas and each one of us are artists; let’s all channel are inner-Lenardo da Vinci and paint us a “Mona Lisa-esque” future (was that cheesy enough for you?)

Save these quotes and use them as inspiration — for when the caffeine just becomes a frequent trip to the bathroom or for a rainy day when all motivation seems to be lost — to be a better you and live each day fully, and I encourage you all to share these with people. Because the right words together are so empowering, and make all the difference.

“There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic.” (Diane Setterfield)

12 Quotes that just might change your life

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The “L” Word


The clock reads 2 a.m. when my cell phone’s ringer violently awakens me. As the sluggishness of my body starts to wear off like a bad hangover, I grab my phone. 10 missed calls from the same number. Horrific thoughts start to fill my head. My phone alerts me there’s a new voicemail. I’m hesitant to listen to it, but curiosity and fear consume my body like an addiction. I hit the voicemail button. After I listen to the message, I can’t get it to stop playing in my head. I’m paralyzed by it. I was told there was an “accident” and now someone I love is dead. My memory is hyperactive, remembering the memories we shared and denying what is. A strong sense of guilt brings me back to the harsh reality. The guilt is waiting until later (in this case, never) to tell this person how much they meant to me and for being too self-absorbed with my life to reach out. I’m sobbing, cold and alone. My life is in a million pieces. And then I wake up.

It’s a nightmare that happens too often, but brings clarity to my life. It reminds me how important each day is; every day is a blessing. Life doesn’t come with a guarantee, neither does tomorrow. Sometimes later never comes. I think it’s important we think about that when we tell ourselves that we’ll do something later – there is nothing you are doing right now that is more valuable than never doing something.

This is ironic, because we live in a digitally advanced society that offers sites, apps and services that interconnect people at the touch of their finger tips or at a click of a button. How is there no time right now when this generation has championed the term “multitasker”? Why are we waiting until later when we can do multiple things at once?

Maybe I’m being too idealistic here. It’s ideal that people get the most out of life. It’s ideal to be reminded that you are loved. It’s ideal to see the beauty in life and to have an optimistic attitude towards life. Maybe people do want these things, but right now they are too busy to focus on what’s really important in their life. Maybe it’s society telling us what’s important and setting cockamamie expectations to fulfill a spurious void that we created. Maybe people need to be more realistic and understand life is happening now, not later.

I’m not concerned with who is to blame for why we procrastinate living our life. I’m more concerned with having you realize this and doing something about it. I don’t write for myself. I write for people who have the power to make a difference and will.

I’m trying to enable people like you to make the world a better pace right now, not later. I do this because there is something we can all offer the world. For me, at least right now, it’s writing motivational columns to tell people to make a difference. It might not sound like much, but at least I’m making an impact. What kind of impact do you want to have? Whatever it is you just thought of, go and do it now, not later. Never let the “L” word affect you, again